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In the early days of masonry construction, builders had no qualms about using sand as a bonding agent to lay up non-hydraulically mixed concrete. In fact it is likely that some sand may have been used along with hydraulic cement as an additive in order to improve bond between the aggregate and cement paste.

In modern times however, sand becomes a liability – rather than an asset – on any exposed concrete surface. From a functional standpoint, sand is a soft material which provides little resistance against abrasion or chemical attack. The first line of defense for exposed new masonry surfaces should be an impenetrable hard coating such as water based or acrylic sealers (also known as penetrating sealers). A common misconception about concrete sealers is that they are utilized to bring out the color of a stained surface. In fact, most sealers do not alter the natural color of concrete and instead bond directly with the cement paste to create a continuous film. Penetrating asphaltum sealers such as those mentioned above can be used on both newly poured surfaces and existing masonry where topical sealing has been performed incorrectly or is no longer effective due to weathering and deterioration.

The reasons for penetrating masonry sealer application vary but often revolve around five primary areas: 1 spalling 2 cracking 3 heaving 4 efflorescence

5 preventing astaining and water penetration 1 Spalling: Concrete pavements which experience high volumes of heavy truck traffic will suffer from the effects of thermal fatigue. This means that the surface becomes more unstable due to repeated heating and cooling of the cement paste, which is very susceptible to expansion and contraction in dry climates. If a sealer has failed in this case, spalling will occur due to lack of protection from wetting agents such as road salt or spilled deicing fluids. 2 Cracking

Concrete slabs are exceptionally strong in the vertical direction but have virtually no tensile strength when loaded laterally – meaning nothing can stop them from cracking when stressed beyond their elastic limit. The most common cause for cracked concrete slabs indoors is poor compaction during installation although freeze/thaw cycles in outdoor applications may be responsible, especially if barriers beneath the slab have failed. A penetrating sealer can be used to create a vapor barrier on the concrete surface, impeding moisture migration from the subsurface. This will prevent cracking by minimizing temperature changes below the surface and stabilizing internal hydration bonds within the cement paste. If spalling has occurred, it is important to limit further damage by performing patching or crack injection before applying a sealer coat. 3 Heaving

Swimming pool decks present a particularly difficult challenge when it comes to sealing. Ideally, a 1/4″ penetration depth all around would be sufficient but in practice 1/8″ may be required due to gaps between slabs which are common in commercial construction where 1 man hole covers or inspection hatches need access for maintenance purposes. The most popular method for sealing concrete is to use a penetrating sealer that has been diluted 1:1 or 1:2 with water. The hygroscopic nature of cement paste will draw in the moisture and swell, closing small voids and sealing any surface pores against leakage. It should be noted however, that heaving usually occurs when deicer salts migrate up through the slab and remain in contact with the surface long enough to dissolve away from their original source. While salt contamination must be avoided, it is also important not to rely entirely upon a single application of sealant because this may lead to cracking if applied too heavily or patching if applied too thinly – both conditions which contribute to spalling problems. 4 Efflorescence

Efflorescence is a term used to describe white salt deposits that form on concrete surfaces due to capillary action drawing water and dissolved salts to the surface, where they are re-deposited as a white crystalline powder. In other words, efflorescence is salt contamination that has been processed by the natural evaporating and wetting cycle.

If efflorescence continues to occur annually, it is a good indicator that the penetrating sealer has failed and localized voids exist in the surface which could lead to cracking or spalling when exposed to freeze/thaw cycles. Cracks will also promote staining when used for parking decks or commercial applications where deicer salts are used heavily. 5 Preventing Staining and Water Penetration

Stains originate from oils, grease, rubber tires, crayons and organic matter such as tree sap which can permeate through an untreated surface or gradually work its way up to the top sealer layer if a penetrating sealer has been applied.

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