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If you want your concrete to last, sealing is a necessary step. Concrete sealing serves as a protective barrier between your concrete and both water and debris. It is an initial maintenance measure to ensure that more regular and extensive maintenance is not necessary. Concrete sealing protects against stains since concrete is naturally porous and prone to staining, and it protects against mold and other biological growth that thrive in the nooks and crannies of unsealed concrete.

Sealed concrete is also a lot easier to care for than unsealed concrete. The full concrete sealing process mitigates the rough texturing of poured concrete and adds a smooth layer to it that makes sweeping and mopping significantly easier, and because it is not so textured, sealed concrete does not grab onto dirt as tenaciously as a slab that has not been sealed. Concrete sealing not only gives your concrete a fresh new look; it also helps to keep that concrete looking fresh perpetually.

When you let Liberty Power Wash take care of your concrete sealing, you know it is sealed to last. Your patios, walkways, sidewalks, and floors are safe in our hands as we deliver sealed concrete that is resistant to slipping, UV exposure, and water damage. Don’t wait until your concrete chips or cracks, though if it already has, we can discuss your options. Invest in concrete sealing services that are guaranteed to please.


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Which Concrete Sealer Is Best?

There is a wide array of concrete sealing options available. Some sealers are essentially invisible, but it is also possible to use a sealer that adds color or a glossy finish. It is important to meet with a professional to make sure the sealer used is right for the needs of your concrete and your own desires. During our appraisal, we’ll walk through the kind of traffic your concrete experiences to make sure you get the proper treatment. Concrete sealers come in one of three kinds of coverage: topical, integral, and penetrating. Penetrating sealer is often added to concrete as it is mixed.

Your aesthetic priorities when it comes to your concrete sealing will determine if your solvent should be water- or solvent-based. Water-based acrylic sealers yield a drier, more natural look but mix better with damp concrete. These are commonly used on interior concrete projects.

Solvent-based acrylic sealers have a darker, wetter, glossier look and are often used on stamped concrete. They are better installed after your concrete has dried.

Strengthen and Protect Your Concrete with Professional Sealing

Concrete sealing is essential if you want to increase the longevity of your concrete, whether interior or exterior. Our Liberty concrete sealing treatments are durable and designed to last, which means that our team will save you money and worry as well as time and hassle. Concrete sealing, whether applied by roller or by spray, is a pretty labor-intensive process, and rough concrete generally needs to be ground down to make sealing more effective. This is done with diamond and is another reason to contract out your concrete sealing.

Our concrete sealers are designed to last for years. The exact duration depends on the traffic and the kind of elemental exposure the concrete experiences. No matter what kind of property you own, be it a home, warehouse, office, or restaurant, you want your floors to stand the test of time. We want that too. We want your concrete to be resilient against the wear and tear of whatever it faces, be it Kentucky rain storms or heavy foot traffic. Give us a call today in Walton, KY for an estimate on concrete sealing that fits your needs.