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Patio Cleaning

Patio Cleaning

Looking for a reliable patio cleaner? Look no further than Liberty Power Wash! Our trained professionals are experts of exterior cleaning, and patio cleaning especially. Your patio is a nexus for outdoor entertainment and relaxation, and thorough and regular cleaning will help to keep it a safe and appealing environment. Regular garden hoses can’t sufficiently wash away silt, sand, dirt, and mud that slips into the pores and cracks of patios, but our pressurized patio cleaners are gentle and environmentally friendly while remaining efficient and thorough.

Protect Your Patio

Just like any outdoor surface, your patio is exposed to all kinds of weather and other natural messmakers. Debris from northern Kentucky’s many trees and shrubs accumulates quickly, and biological growth from mold or mildew can make your patio ecologically unsafe as well as vulnerable to becoming slippery when wet. Barbecue grills are often surrounded by grease and oil stains, and if your patio also has a stove or fire pit, ash and soot can coat everything surrounding it.

Liberty’s patio cleaning services can remove such hard stains (or others from food or even art supplies) and caked-on dirt and keep your patio looking fresh. Routine patio cleaning can also help to stave off further buildup of unsightly dirt, mud, and grime that gets tracked in with patio foot traffic. The correct patio cleaner will give new life to your wood, brick, or concrete by providing a deep clean no matter the size of your patio. Our experienced team at Liberty Power Wash will know which patio cleaner is right for your property in northern Kentucky.

Regular patio cleaning can also save you a pretty penny in avoidable repairs. A garden hose won’t usually cut it when it comes to decimating mold, mildew, and lichen that likes to munch on a good patio, so give our patio cleaners a call to get rid of nasty bugs before they can damage your space. If you already plan to make patio repairs, patio cleaning should be performed first to prep the surfaces. This will allow repair work to proceed successfully and in a more streamlined way. Patios should always be cleaned before they are sealed or resealed.

Project-Specific Patio Cleaning

Our Liberty Power Wash team knows that not all power washes are created equal. During the initial estimate, we will assess your space and determine the best patio cleaner and pressure wash settings for your patio. Size, material, and any treatments to your patio will be considered. For example, wooden patios are especially susceptible to damage. Pressure washing can take the stain right out of the wood and obliterate the finish. Brick patios present a particular challenge because they are textured and porous. Our environmentally friendly detergents provide a deep clean to brick patios and pavers to kill moss, mold, and algae.

For patios not made of concrete, we use a softwash patio cleaning method to ensure we do not damage your patio. Allow our experts to take the hassle out of patio cleaning as improper pressure washing can damage your patio as well as the surrounding lawn. It can also splatter mud and dirty water onto your house. Using only a garden hose to clean your patio runs the risk of making the surface dangerously slippery. Our professionals at Liberty Power Wash are provided with the proper personal protective equipment to avoid accidents during patio cleaning. Hose cleaning alone can also lead to bacterial growth on your patio. Our patio cleaning process properly removes excess dirt and water, freeing your space from biological growth and grime so you can enjoy your patio in comfort. Contact Liberty Power Wash in Walton, KY for services today!