Many Kentucky homes are covered with vinyl siding. The material serves as a decorative weatherproofing method, but it must be properly maintained to avoid staining or fading. Cleaning siding with a pressure washer is to prevent the buildup of dirt and grime and the growth of mold and mildew, and a pressure washer allows you to avoid using up your supply of elbow grease which used to be necessary with a scrub brush and bucket.

Cleaning Siding With A Pressure Washer

How to Clean Siding Without a Pressure Washer

Cleaning siding by hand is the traditional method for keeping siding looking fresh. It takes a lot of effort, but many prefer the appearance of a hand-washed home. Cleaning siding without a pressure washer is a good way to protect the material from the damage incorrect pressure washing can cause.

If you choose to clean your siding by hand, you will need a ladder in addition to brushes, a hose, and sudsy bucket. Take the process in pieces. Be gentle with particularly dirty areas and remember that you don’t need to clean every side of the house in one day. Before you commit, know that cleaning by hand is a very time- and energy-consuming process.

What is the Best Way to Clean Vinyl Siding with a Pressure Washer?

If you decide that cleaning siding with a pressure washer is the right method for you, it is important to know how the process works. The first step is to apply mild detergents in overlapping strokes, starting from the bottom of the exterior wall. The cleaning solution will break down grime and stains, so give it time to do so before rinsing, but be careful not to let the solution dry. For rough patches of debris, scrub gently with a brush with soft bristles.

Rinsing off the cleaning solution is the critical part of cleaning siding with a pressure washer. Start with low pressure settings and put plenty of space between you and the wall when you start out to protect your siding from damage. If you need more power, you can get closer or gradually add more pressure. 

Unlike when applying soap, start rising at the top of the wall. The most important thing you can do is to hold the pressure washer level so the pressurized water doesn’t blow up underneath the siding. Be mindful of the siding manufacturer’s instructions before you start the cleaning process. Pressure washing your siding may void your warranty.

Cleaning Siding With A Pressure Washer

What Soap Should You Use to Pressure Wash Siding?

Always use cleaning solutions appropriate to the siding material. Solutions that are too corrosive such as those that contain undiluted bleach or degreasers can eat away at the siding material. 

What Is the Right PSI for Cleaning Siding with a Pressure Washer?

While it is best to follow the siding manufacturer’s instructions, pressure settings around 2,500–3,000 psi are generally appropriate for cleaning siding with a pressure washer.

How Do You Clean Vinyl Siding High Up?

Although pressure washers provide a great deal of distance when projecting water, this power alone is not a great fit for cleaning siding with a pressure washer. If you blow pressurized water at your siding from below, you risk water getting underneath the material. Once there, it can ruin insulation and foster mold and mildew growth.

Though not ideal, the best way to clean siding at higher sections of the house is to use a ladder. Following all possible safety precautions, mount a ladder to apply cleaning solution and to rise at eye level. If you want to manage the scrubbing from below, use a telescoping or pole-mounted brush.

Cleaning Siding With A Pressure Washer

The Pros and Cons of Pressure Washing Vinyl Siding

Cleaning siding with a pressure washer makes the process quick and relatively easy and minimizes the risk of developing tennis elbow. A pressure washer makes tricky-to-reach places more accessible, and because the process goes more quickly than hand-washing, you can finish rinsing before the cleaning solution dries on the wall. The process can even be fun, or at least satisfying.

Pressure washing gives you more options since you can either rent a machine and perform the chore yourself or contract a professional to do it. Once you have the pressure washer in hand or the professionals on their way, you have the flexibility to clean other surfaces on your property as well.

While pressure washing siding can save a lot of time and energy, the reverse can also be true. If done incorrectly, pressure washing the siding can cause a lot of damage, not only to the siding itself but also to the wood or insulation underneath as well. The intense pressure can blow holes in the siding or strip off any paint if the wrong settings are used.

You must be very cautious when handling a pressure washer as that much power can lead to injury. All of these cons can be avoided by leaving the job to the professionals, and when it comes to quality professional pressure washing services, you can’t do better than Liberty Power Wash.