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Pressure washing is a powerful tool for removing dirt, grime, and stains from a wide variety of surfaces. The service can make driveways and sidewalks look like new in no time. Especially in more humid climates, a common problem that plagues fences, roofs, walls, and driveways is the presence of mold. Mold on concrete especially can cause structural damage and look unappealing to boot. Pressure washing concrete in such circumstances is essential.

Mold on concrete

The Dangers of Mold on Concrete

Mold is nasty. There’s no way around that. The fungal growth forms in the presence of moisture or decay and spreads with a vengeance. It often appears as black or green splotches, soiling the appearance of the surface on which it takes up residence. More significantly, mold, especially black mold, is a health hazard.

Mold can irritate the respiratory tract, causing asthma attacks, aggravating allergies, and irritating the sinuses. If it sits around a property, those who live there or visit are exposed to the biological hazard. More physical dangers present themselves if mold growth is left unchecked.

Concrete takes the brunt of water damage outside. While the material is remarkably tough, it is not infallible. Mold on concrete eats away at it, increasing its porosity, letting more moisture seep in and perpetuating damage. Mold also presents structural dangers if it spreads beyond concrete to wooden rafters or other support structures. Regularly pressure washing concrete is a way to prevent degradation of both stone and wood.

Mold on concrete

Can Mold Be Removed with a Pressure Washer?

The short answer is yes: pressure washing can remove mold and mildew. In fact, it is one of the more effective tools against the creepy crawlies. A good pressure wash combines highly pressurized water with potent detergents and bleach. This kills harmful biological agents and uproots mold from where it hides in the tiny nooks and crannies of concrete’s pores.

Mold on concrete is most often found in shady areas of patios, driveways, and steps that take a long time to dry after getting wet because they don’t receive an abundance of direct sunlight. Keep a wary eye out in places where awnings or foliage keep concrete in shadow for a significant part of the day. Areas near leaky pipes or rainwater are also particularly susceptible to mold growth, as is the north-facing side of any walls.

If you plan to pressure wash your concrete on your own, there are few things to keep in mind. Wearing protective gear is crucial when pressure washing concrete, especially when clearing away mold. Use conservative settings so you don’t damage your concrete and rinse with a wide angle nozzle.

Not all pressure washers or cleaning cocktails are created equal. Some are made of household things like vinegar, baking soda, and common detergents, while others are more heavy duty, including acid that can eat away at any sealer that has been applied or even at the top layer of cement. It’s also important to be careful when working with bleach. If you don’t want to damage your concrete or surrounding landscaping, make sure to do your research.

Mold on concrete

Professionally Pressure Washing Concrete with Liberty Power Wash

Mold on concrete is a real problem, especially as the hot and humid northern Kentucky summers transition into cool and damp northern Kentucky autumns. The good news is that pressure washing concrete is our specialty. At Liberty Power Wash, we offer the perfect combination of the right detergents and pressure settings to remove mold on concrete without compromising your safety or the integrity of the stone.

If mold attacks other surfaces on your property, beyond the concrete, we can also still take care of it. Mold can develop by cluttered and damp gutters, forming on roof tiles soaked with rain water. These soft tiles are too delicate to be pressure washed normally, but at Liberty Power Wash, we offer a specialized soft wash that is gentler on fragile surfaces while still providing an effective wash.

Save yourself time and elbow grease and let us remove any mold on concrete surfaces on your property. Doing so will keep the surface looking fresh and new and preserve the structural integrity of the slab. It can also keep other unwanted living things like weeds from growing and spoiling the appearance of your concrete, and we manage it without using corrosive chemicals and acids. Improve the safety and boost the curb appeal of your property in one fell swoop: give Liberty a call to pressure wash your concrete today.

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