The exterior of your property serves as a first impression for those who come to visit. In less than a second, your exterior walls, windows, doors, and driveway present an image to those who drive by or come knocking. With this in mind, there are several things homeowners should do to preserve an unmarred exterior, and one of the big ones is removing rust.

Rust makes everything it covers look dirty and old. It can hurt a property’s curb appeal dramatically and make a property seem like it is not cared for. Removing rust should be a priority for any homeowner, and pressure washing is the quickest way to do so. If you are looking to save even more time and energy, professional pressure washing services, such as those offered by Liberty Power Wash, are available.

Removing Rust

What Is Rust?

Rust, also called iron oxide, forms as the result of a chemical reaction between metal, oxygen, and moisture. As the reaction progresses, the metal corrodes, giving a worn and filthy appearance. Exterior surfaces, even those not commonly associated with metal (siding, walls, and driveways), are constantly at risk of rust damage as they interact with the elements. A proper sealing job can go a long way toward preventing the formation of rust.

Removing rust with Pressure Washing

Cleaning off the rust on your property is a way to protect those who live and visit there. While it is sometimes possible to clean off rust with household products like baking soda, lemon, and vinegar, the best way to rid your property of rust is by pressure washing. The combination of pressurized water and effective detergents can blast away rust at any stage of its formation.

Ideal settings for removing rust include at least 2000 to 3000 psi and a narrow-angle nozzle. The right nozzle angle depends on the surface being cleaned, but 10–15 degrees are usually the most effective at chipping away at rust. When the water is that compacted, rust will be blown away without much sanding and scraping, saving property owners hours and energy.

Not all surfaces can be pressure washed at the pressure settings needed to remove rust without risk of damage. Always test your pressurized spray in an inconspicuous place before going all in. More delicate surfaces require a more gentle process—soft washing fits the bill. A potent cleaning solution can help to loosen up rust before a gentler soft wash treatment.

Removing Rust

Precautions When Pressure Washing

While pressure washing is excellent at removing rust, it is also excellent at removing or damaging just about anything else. Remove all plants and furniture that could be damaged by the pressurized spray. Wear protective gear whenever you handle a pressure washer. This should always include protective eyewear, closed-toed (preferably steel-toed) shoes, and gloves.

After the Pressure Wash

After you have finished removing rust from a surface, it is important to apply protective sealant to discourage mold from returning. The sealant acts as a barrier against water, extending the lifespan of the surface and making it resilient against corrosion. Sealant should only be applied after a surface has completely dried to ensure an efficient seal.

Sealing Concrete

Concrete—an amalgamation of aggregate, sand, and cement—is, on its own, metal free. While that may lead to the assumption that rust is never a problem with concrete surfaces, that assumption is not accurate. Concrete is often shaped around metal structures, things like rebar, and these are just as susceptible to rust as other metal.

Properly sealing your concrete is a way to prevent moisture from seeping through naturally porous concrete and corroding the metal within or any metal that is exposed. At Liberty Power Wash, we can seal your concrete driveways or slabs in your pursuit of avoiding rust.

Removing Rust

Remove Rust with Liberty Power Wash

There is no reason you should have to deal with rust on your own. While pressure washing it away saves you a ton of time and energy, you can save even more by contracting out Liberty Power Wash. Our professional team has all the equipment and experience necessary to kick rust to the curb and leave your property looking like new. 

Contracting out professional pressure washing services can save you a lot of money in accidental damages caused by inexperienced handling of pressure washing equipment. You can sit back and relax knowing that we are removing rust in a safe and efficient way. We also offer sealing services, so the entire project can be completed in one fell swoop by one knowledgeable team.