Is there anything so comforting as a roof over your head? Roofs provide protection from the elements and make sure you have a safe place to live. Though we sometimes forget about them, high over our heads, regular roof maintenance is a good way to make sure they can continue to do their job, and it’s much better to have your roof cleaned before the winter—for a lot of reasons.

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Fun in the Sun

Sitting in the splash zone is a lot more enjoyable in the summer sun, and for similar reasons, it’s important to take advantage of the warm weather before the cold sets in when it comes to getting your roof cleaned. A chore quickly becomes a nightmare when the air is bitterly chill and you can’t feel your fingers as you try to clean your roof.

However, comfort is not the only (or even, arguably, the most important) reason to handle roof maintenance before November. During the winter, your roof takes a beating with all kinds of weather. If your shingles are not secured, even more damage can be sustained during these unforgiving bouts of precipitation. Kentucky especially gets more rain than the national average, so if you want to avoid leaking and other water damage, it’s imperative to get your roof cleaned and prepped for the winter.

Gutter-ly Important

The first step to keeping your roof clean and efficacious is to attend to the gutters. Clogged gutters are more than just unsightly: they trap in dangerous moisture that can do serious damage to a roof. If you neglect to clean out your gutters, the contained moisture can weaken wood beams and foster the growth of mold and mildew. This can be avoided by regularly cleaning gutters out. The easiest way is to properly pressure wash your gutters. A quick pressure wash can clear away debris like wet leaves, sticks and twigs.

Liberty Power Wash | Cincinnati &Amp; Northern Kentucky Power Washing Experts.


Roof insulation helps to regulate the temperature in a home, reducing heat loss to the outside world. While it doesn’t receive the same care as the exterior of a roof, it should still be inspected as part of your roof-cleaning routine. This can be done at any time of year, but we recommend doing so before the weather turns too cold in case you notice any damage and need replacement.

If there is something wrong with your insulation, it is very likely an indication that there is something wrong with your roof. Insulation is never supposed to be wet, so moisture suggests damage. Make sure to fix any leaks in your roof before replacing the insulation so the problem isn’t perpetuated. Not only can wet insulation foster mold and mildew growth, it can also increase your heating costs dramatically. On the other hand, a whole roof and correctly installed insulation work together to keep your home cozy when outside temperatures drop.

The Danger of Leaks 

Perhaps the most compelling reason to get your roof cleaned in a timely manner is the threat of leaks. Leaking occurs when a roof develops holes that let in rain or other water. While other water damage is gradual (and can lead to leaking), holes, however small, in a roof lead to monumental cosmetic and structural damage. The warning signs include everything from water stains on inside walls and ceiling to a drooping ceiling if the problem persists long enough. Repairs in such cases are extensive and expensive.

If you clean your roof on a regular basis, signs of leaking can be addressed before they become too serious. Keep an eye out for missing or loose shingles, especially by gutters or the downspout. Sometimes repairing a leak can be as simple as replacing these. Keeping a clean roof is also a good way to prevent microbiological munchers like lichen and mold which chew (so to speak) through roofing material.

Attend to leaks as quickly as possible. This will minimize damage and unnecessary expense. Especially in the heavy Kentucky rain, having a clean roof will help catch leaks before they become serious and even prevent them in the first place.

Liberty Power Wash | Cincinnati &Amp; Northern Kentucky Power Washing Experts.

Get Your Roof Cleaned with Liberty Power Wash

Because most roofs are shingled, they present a challenge when it comes to cleaning them. If cleaning methods are too rigorous, water can blow up underneath the shingles and damage insulation and structural wood. That’s counterproductive if you’re getting your roof cleaned to avoid water damage. Fortunately, Liberty Power Wash has the solution.

Our Kentucky-based roof cleaning service offers a soft wash treatment for roofs to prevent damage and facilitate continued structural integrity. The process is more gentle than a traditional pressure wash, but it still offers a thorough clean. If you need your roof cleaned before the holiday season this year, give us a call today.